Why Do All These DeFi Projects Have Their Own Tokens? What Are the Risks With DeFi? [2021]

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Decentralized Finance or DeFi projects are said to be revolutionizing finance. But why do they all seem to have their own tokens? Why aren’t they just using the underlying network tokens? Is it just a get rich quick scheme for the creators? Maybe, maybe not. Watch this video to learn some of the reasons why DeFi projects might have their own tokens, how they might be used to provide a hedge against immature technology and over centralization.

0:00 Why do all these DeFi projects have to have their own tokens? What are the risks with DeFi?
1:31 Reasons SOME projects may actually need their own token
2:00 This is immature technology
2:30 Balancing decentralization and centralization
4:20 RIPCORD principles – collaborative
4:39 Features of some tokens: equity principles, access, governance
5:33 Governance decisions distributed
6:00 Examples of Maker DAO and Compound (not an endorsement of either project)

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