Tipb.ch App Allows You to Share a Short URL Rather Than a BCH Address on Social Media

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Tipb.ch App Allows You to Share a Short URL Rather Than a BCH Address on Social Media

On March 23, the creator of the blog platform read.cash and the social media application noise.cash revealed a new project called tipb.ch. The application allows anyone to create a customizable short address that can be used for tips rather than having to share a long BCH address on social media platforms.

Platform Tipb.ch Allows You to Share a Short URL Rather Than a Long Bitcoin Cash Address

The founder of the blogging platform read.cash announced a new project on Reddit this Tuesday revealing a service called tipb.ch (https://tipb.ch). The Reddit post led to another post on the social media application noise.cash which described what tipb.ch does.

Tipb.ch App Allows You to Share a Short URL Rather Than a BCH Address on Social Media

Essentially, the program allows anyone to create a short URL and tether it to a public bitcoin cash (BCH) address. This way, instead of having to share a long BCH to others on social media, the person can create a short address to post on Instagram, Twitter, Noise.cash, Facebook, or Read.cash.

Rather than leveraging a long BCH address, the announcement post says:

Wouldn’t it be much better to post something like tipb.ch/readcash? That’s exactly what tipb.ch does. You can register a name and use it. You can actually register up to 5 names and addresses. (In case of an obvious impersonation, like if you register a name like tipb.ch/elonmusk and you aren’t provably Elon Musk, we reserve the right to delete your address and return it to the rightful owner).

The platform takes only a few minutes to set up a short address to a public BCH address. On social media, the announcement was welcomed with open arms. The post on the subreddit r/btc had a lot of people using Chaintip to tip the creator of the new tipb.ch application. “This is awesome,” one individual wrote on Reddit. “And because I got in from the beginning, I got to choose my first name as my username,” the Redditor added.

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Taking the Tipping Further With a Twitter Faucet

In addition to the tipb.ch application, the creators wanted to take things a bit further. “What if you could post on Twitter using a hashtag #bitcoincash and your tipb.ch address and maybe get a bitcoin cash tip automatically for doing just that from us?” the creators asked. “It will help bitcoin cash gain in popularity and we could give bitcoin cash to even more people to try it out. That’s exactly what we plan to do with our newest tipb.ch bitcoin cash faucet for Twitter,” the tipb.ch creators noted.

Tipb.ch App Allows You to Share a Short URL Rather Than a BCH Address on Social Media
An example of a tipb.ch address the Read.cash creators have made. Users can tether up to five different bitcoin cash addresses to a unique short URL.

Currently, the faucet doesn’t work yet, but the faucet should be functional within a week the developers added. The team still needs to debug the software and people can start posting on Twitter now using the hashtag #bitcoincash and their tipb.ch address. If there are posts on Twitter that match those requirements (#bitcoincash + tipb.ch address), it will help the programmers develop things faster.

What do you think about the tipb.ch platform and being able to share a short URL rather than a long bitcoin cash address? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments below.

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