OpenDAX 3.0 With Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) by Openware Goes Live

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Openware, Inc. is pleased to announce that the much-anticipated ​cryptocurrency exchange software​ platform OpenDAX update 3.0, featuring an exchange liquidity network (XLN), among other significant updates, goes live in March 2021.

What is OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network

OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network (XLN) allows you to access a global network of over 500 big and small crypto exchanges worldwide with shared crypto liquidity and aggregated orders from the moment you launch your exchange platform. That means great deals for both crypto platform owners and great deals for crypto traders.

OpenDAX XLN is brought to you by Openware – the leading software development company for open-source blockchain projects. Openware is the brainchild of French software architect entrepreneurs Louis Bellet and Camille Meulien. With years of experience in fintech services, they have paired their efforts since 2006 to modernize business infrastructures using a cloud environment to offer enhanced data processing, scaling and security.

The company behind OpenDAX crypto exchange software

The full-stack products offered by Openware allow developers to create future-proof, next-generation DeFi apps and robust financial infrastructures.

OpenDAX was created to serve as the SaaS marketplace and offers true flexibility so you can develop and scale your crypto project as it grows, rapidly reacting to market trends and customer demand. It puts you firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to your cryptocurrency exchange platform with bespoke features tailored to your specific requirements.

Essentially, OpenDAX XLN is a cloud-based crypto trading software that provides 24/7 access for users to trade cryptocurrencies, digital assets and security tokens. The cloud solution ensures that DevOps teams can maintain the software globally at any time. OpenDAX is currently the leading open-source crypto exchange solution worldwide.

OpenDAX Exchange Liquidity Network is being made available to all OpenDAX customers, plus exchange platforms using other trading engines.

There are XLN API subscription packages to suit all business sizes, and platforms pay no fees on maker trades.

What else is new in the OpenDAX 3.0 crypto exchange platform update

What’s more, OpenDAX3 has been redesigned to have a low-code installation process, be more developer-friendly and require very little cloud tech knowledge to deploy and set up. The OpenDAX platform is ideal for crypto businesses making their first foray into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain development.

With next to no front-end coding skills, you can create a robust platform with great UI using the all-new front-end customization tool. Choose your color scheme and font, and upload custom logo, header and footer images for your platform. UI is a crucial part of the customer experience, and with OpenDAX3 you can upgrade or edit your crypto exchange platform quickly and easily.

The platform installation and configuration have been significantly revised to make the deployment process smoother and more efficient. With OpenDAX3, the platform administrator can set a wide range of configurable parameters, such as exchange info, superadmin credentials and market pairs. Plus, there are plenty more settings to give you complete control over the look and feel of your platform.

Available updates have been designed to optimize the platform, push it towards a more low-code solution, reduce the development power required to support it and make the OpenDAX platform more cost-effective. The Sonic integration combining JavaScript and Go has significantly improved the platform front-end loading speeds to make it more user-friendly, SEO-friendly and better indexed by search engine crawlers.

There can be no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future of the financial ecosystem. When we talk finance, it’s right to prioritize security regarding currency exchange operations of any sort – and OpenDAX3 does just that. Multi-layered security features, along with the transparency of blockchain audit trails, make the OpenDAX-powered platform supersafe. And it includes a robust set of custody features and integrations for resolving challenges and ensuring compliance.

How does the cryptocurrency market look in 2021

As the cryptocurrency market is still on the rise ever since the end of 2020, OpenDAX3 offers budding crypto entrepreneurs easy access to a slice of that pie. With major investors from around the globe shifting towards crypto and the abysmal returns on traditional trading markets, it looks like for the foreseeable future we can say with a degree of certainty that cryptocurrency is here to stay.

At the moment, cryptocurrencies are widely viewed as the easiest method of cross-border currency exchange. As more people get onboard with it, the benefits of simplicity, transparency and profitability are becoming easier to see.

Fintech companies worldwide are looking to leverage blockchain technology and benefit from its enhanced security features and usability. Many of them have been eagerly anticipating the launch of OpenDAX3 with XLN.

What’s next for Openware

OpenDAX3 with XLN is going to transform the crypto world. Its unique scalability, flexibility and user-friendly nature make it the best solution for businesses of all sizes that want to develop a cryptocurrency platform. From startups to major enterprises, the simplicity of OpenDAX XLN looks set to make it the go-to choice.

And the good news is, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The Openware team is continuously seeking new ways to improve their crypto software stack and make it even easier to access different markets beyond crypto. The world of business, and fintech in particular, doesn’t stand still.

Their drive, determination and agile approach will surely see Openware continue to grow and release more projects for the blockchain community as the financial world shifts closer to becoming cashless. What comes next is what excites us, and it’s what drives the team at Openware to achieve bigger and better things.

Visit the Openware website and social media for updates on the latest blockchain technologies, crypto exchange software development news and helpful resources for blockchain developers.

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