HandyCon: World’s First Handshake Protocol Conference Launched

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March 9, 2021 – S.A.R., Hong Kong

HandyCon, the world’s first conference dedicated to the groundbreaking Handshake decentralized domain name protocol, will take place online March 10th through March 11th, 2021 EST. Presented by the dWeb Foundation, more than 36 speakers will be featured, including founders of the Handshake protocol, key platforms like Namebase.io, investors like Vinny Lingham (Multicoin, Civic) and luminaries from the traditional domain name industry like Andrew Roesner (Media Options, sold zoom.com, x.com).

Backed by notable firms like a16z, Sequoia, Founder’s Fund, Polychain and Kenetic, Handshake protocol is designed to address issues of centralization and censorship at the root domain level, allowing users to own their own top level domain. This event will showcase the latest use cases of Handshake as well as practical solutions to achieving widespread adoption, from investment to second level domain sales and legacy registry integration and give attendees a solid understanding of the technologies that enable the emergent decentralized web.

Future speakers include
  • Chjango Unchained (ex-Cosmos)
  • Andrew Lee (Purse.io)
  • Tieshun Roquerre, Anthony Liu (Namebase)
  • Handshake Jesus, Matthew Zipkin, Mike Carson (Impervious)
  • Steven McKie (Amentum)
  • David Vorick (Sia Skynet)
  • Yuriy Dybskiy (Puma Browser)
  • Jehan Chu (Kenetic Capital)
  • Clay Collins (Nomics)

This conference also marks the debut of the dWeb Foundation, an independent non-profit organization formed by Handshake community members to support the decentralized internet. Unlike most crypto protocols with a centralized founding team, the Handshake community is decentralized with no central leadership. The emergence of the dWeb Foundation speaks to the robustness of the community.

Jehan Chu, founder, Kenetic and co-director, dWeb Foundation said,

“Handshake is the original doorway to the Web3 world, and is a critical pillar of our decentralized future. The newly formed dWeb Foundation supporting Handshake development is proud to present HandyCon, the first Handshake conference to bring together the Handshake community on a global scale.”

About Handshake

Handshake is a decentralized permissionless naming protocol where every peer is validating and in charge of managing DNS naming zones with the goal of creating an alternative to existing certificate authorities and naming systems.

About dWeb Foundation

dWeb Foundation is a not-for-profit organization domiciled in Singapore dedicated to supporting development, education, grantmaking and integration for the Handshake ecosystem. For more information or to donate or apply for a grant, please visit us here or dwebfoundation/ on Handshake-enabled browsers.

If you would like more information about HandyCon please visit us here, or handycon.promote/ on Handshake-enabled browsers.


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