Collaborative NFT Art Project dCanvas Opens Limited Allocation of 256 NFTs to the Public

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May 5, 2021 – Los Angeles, California

dCanvas, the largest collaborative NFT art project, is finally opening its gates to the public. The company will be allocating 256 public release NFTs in its huge community pixel board.

Each NFT gives its owner full control over pixel colors at a specific location on the canvas board. Moreover, NFT holders may participate in community-based, NFT-backed art piece creations through an independent DAO, giving the community control over the project and its future.

As the NFT industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the time has come to focus on community-oriented features. dCanvas, the world’s largest NFT collaborative art project, enters the next stage of its evolution.

dCanvas has already seen tremendous adoption, having distributed roughly $500,000 in NFTs to numerous strategic investors, brands and early adopters. Participating private investors include Leia from, Kyle from NeptuneDAO, Joyce from Global Coin Research and Queen Mei, the number one NFT collector on Quidd. Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, has also joined as a project advisor.

A limited allocation of 256 public release NFTs will be made available to users on May 6, 2021. Every NFT consists of 16 pixels which can be filled in with the owner’s artistic vision. It is the second time dCanvas opens NFTs for sale and allocation to the public. Previously, 1,024 NFTs were made accessible, all of which were sold out in less than five days. With a much smaller sample size to go around this time, time is of the essence for those who want to get in on the action.

The NFT sale can be accessed on the dCanvas app, and transactions will occur via OpenSea, in order to minimize gas fees for all users to have the optimal experience. Only a one-time authorization fee for OpenSea is required. After that, everyone can purchase NFTs through the app and use their new acquisitions immediately after receiving them without further gas costs.

All NFT owners can create a public profile to show off their ownership. Additionally, owners can message one another to have meaningful discussions and collaborate. Projects like these need to fuel community-based activities and engagement.

dCanvas prioritizes three crucial pillars to shape the future of its NFT collaborative art project – community, value and social good.

By allowing NFT holders to shape and influence their NFT and redefine the limits of collaborative art for social good, dCanvas goes in a very different direction from most NFT projects and brings unique value to the space. Moreover, dCanvas plans to donate a significant portion of all proceeds to charity organizations, further strengthening the appeal and potential of the non-fungible token industry, as well as the historic significance of the project.

About dCanvas

dCanvas is building the largest collaborative art project in the world in the name of social good. Inspired by the Reddit Place experiment, the dCanvas project leverages the Ethereum blockchain to connect online communities through the world’s largest, decentralized digital art canvas. Built by two doctors, the central mission of dCanvas is to redefine the limits of collaborative art while acting as a powerful catalyst for social good. Join the hundreds who have already signed up to make digital art history happen.


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